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Episode 6

Cold Feet

David and Karen invite the other couples to a charity dinner,where David spends the evening net-working

Monday, 5th Apr 6.25am

Episode 1

30-something couples wrestle with love, commitment, fertility charts and babies. 50mins

Monday, 5th Apr 6.00am

Episode 2

Adam and Rachel want to move in together. 49mins

Monday, 5th Apr 6.05am

Episode 3

Karen has a midlife crisis, smoking dope, getting a tattoo and shocking David's friends. 49mins

Monday, 5th Apr 6.10am

Episode 4

Karen contemplates an affair with an author. 50mins

Monday, 5th Apr 6.15am

Episode 5

Karen and a reluctant David go to marriage guidance counseling. 50mins

Monday, 5th Apr 6.20am