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Episode 2

River Monsters

Jeremy Wade is in New Zealand on the trail of a man-eater. Is it a mere legend, or is it the same creature that has attacked divers, seized a child and devoured sheep?

Saturday, 24th Jul 7.00pm

3. Invisible Executioner

Jeremy takes on Africa's wild Zambezi River to unmask an invisible predator that is dragging fishermen to their deaths. 48mins

Saturday, 18th Sep 7.00pm

Episode 2

Adventurer and extreme fisherman Jeremy Wade journeys into the swamps of southern Africa to investigate stories of a piranha-like fish that hunts in... 49mins

Saturday, 11th Sep 7.00pm

Episode 1

Jeremy Wade travels the US in search of huge water-dwelling creatures. He goes from the Indian River Lagoon in Florida to the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. 48mins

Saturday, 4th Sep 7.00pm

Ep 7 Japanese Horrors

Jeremy Wade travels to the Parana River in Argentina to investigate the death of a young girl. The people who live along the riverbank fear a chilling... 48mins

Saturday, 28th Aug 7.00pm

Episode 6

Extreme fishing series. In Japan, Jeremy Wade is on the trail of an extraordinary legend - a sinister child-snatching killer called the kappa 49mins

Saturday, 21st Aug 7.00pm