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Episode 1

River Monsters

Angling expert Jeremy Wade is in Papua New Guinea to investigate a spate of bizarre deaths on the Sepik River and soon is on the trail of a man-eating creature

Saturday, 17th Jul 7.00pm

Episode 2

Adventurer and extreme fisherman Jeremy Wade journeys into the swamps of southern Africa to investigate stories of a piranha-like fish that hunts in... 49mins

Saturday, 11th Sep 7.00pm

Episode 1

Jeremy Wade travels the US in search of huge water-dwelling creatures. He goes from the Indian River Lagoon in Florida to the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. 48mins

Saturday, 4th Sep 7.00pm

Ep 7 Japanese Horrors

Jeremy Wade travels to the Parana River in Argentina to investigate the death of a young girl. The people who live along the riverbank fear a chilling... 48mins

Saturday, 28th Aug 7.00pm

Episode 6

Extreme fishing series. In Japan, Jeremy Wade is on the trail of an extraordinary legend - a sinister child-snatching killer called the kappa 49mins

Saturday, 21st Aug 7.00pm

Episode 5 Electric Executioner

Extreme angler Jeremy Wade continues on his worldwide mission to locate deadly freshwater fish, whilst investigating legends... 48mins

Saturday, 14th Aug 7.00pm