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Episode 6


When the missing link in the case is finally discovered, Emma finds herself in great danger as powerful forces are intent on preventing her from revealing the truth.

Wednesday, 24th Nov 11.00pm

Episode 1

A lawyer steels herself as she takes extreme measures to prove a convicted man's innocence and to unravel the mystery behind the murder of a schoolgirl. 46mins

Wednesday, 10th Nov 10.00pm

Episode 2

Emma struggles to get the case back on track following Kevin's release from prison; Miriam makes a call that has a disastrous outcome from Emma. 45mins

Wednesday, 10th Nov 11.00pm

Episode 3

Heather is pressured to bring the case to a close; outside forces try to prevent Emma from proving Kevin's innocence after she finds new evidence. 46mins

Wednesday, 17th Nov 10.00pm

Episode 4

Kevin's innocence is proven with forensic evidence, but the prosecution delivers new evidence that stumps Emma; Emma meets Yusef Attar. 45mins

Wednesday, 17th Nov 11.00pm

Episode 5

The U.S. Air Force imprisons Emma, but she still makes the breakthrough she desperately needs when she receives assistance from an unexpected source. 45mins

Wednesday, 24th Nov 10.00pm