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1. Doll no. 123


Princess Alexandrina Victoria of Kent inherits the throne when her uncle dies, and she contends with conflicted loyalties and other challenges.

Saturday, 4th Feb 9.00pm

7. The Engine Of Change

Victoria announces Albert will be head of state if she dies, which scandalizes members of the Tory party as they fear a German having influence over the... 47mins

Saturday, 18th Mar 9.00pm

6. The Queen's Husband

Albert gets involved in an anti-slavery operation; Skerrett is torn when she realises the only man who can help her cousin is the one she cannot trust. 47mins

Saturday, 11th Mar 9.00pm

5. An Ordinary Woman

When Victoria's efforts to secure Albert a settlement are rejected by parliament, both she and her fiancé start to fear for their future together. 46mins

Saturday, 4th Mar 9.10pm

4. The Clockwork Prince

Prince Albert arrives in England for the first time and he and Victoria take an instant dislike to one another in an awkward first meeting. 46mins

Saturday, 25th Feb 11.30pm

3. Brocket Hall

King Leopold advises Victoria to consider Prince Albert to be her husband, but her insistence that she rule solo makes her uncle suspicious. 46mins

Saturday, 18th Feb 9.00pm