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Episode 13

Zoo Days

Documentary series from Chester Zoo. Head keeper Alan Woodward plays mum to two newborn lion cubs. And Larry the lemur gives the zoo vets cause for concern

Sunday, 20th Jun 6.30pm

Episode 1

Wildlife documentary series. Two African black rhinos lock horns in a lovers' tiff. Rosie and Quinto take an instant dislike to each other and their keepers... 22mins

Sunday, 2nd May 6.00pm

Episode 2

A giraffe's keeper worries about the status of the animal's life-threatening illness; reptile house vets treat one of the largest snake species on the planet. 22mins

Sunday, 2nd May 6.30pm

Episode 3

The baby flamingos at Chester Zoo face dangers from torrential summer rain that forces the keepers to react quickly to protect the nest sites from flooding. 22mins

Sunday, 9th May 6.00pm

Episode 4

Senior Keeper Darren Langford cares for a baby flamingo; the status of pregnant lioness remains unknown keeps the zoo staff guessing. 22mins

Sunday, 9th May 6.30pm

Episode 5

Two red panda cubs are born at the Chester Zoo and given their first medical check-ups. 22mins

Sunday, 16th May 6.00pm