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Episode 2

Doc Martin

Despite proving himself to his peers, Doc Martin still has to pass three new courses; Louisa plans to spend more time with James, who's struggling to socialise.

Thursday, 21st Oct 9.00pm

Episode 7

Mrs Tishell sends her work experience packing and Martin has to rush Buddy up to Angela. Al is officially moving in with Morwenna. 46mins

Thursday, 25th Nov 9.00pm

Episode 6

Martin and Louisa have their first fertility appointment. Penhale responds to a case of vandalism and gets a free surf lesson. 45mins

Thursday, 18th Nov 9.00pm

Episode 5

Penhale attempts to determine who is responsible when someone gets shot; James's first play date ends in disarray; the pub is put up for sale. 46mins

Thursday, 11th Nov 9.00pm

Episode 4

Martin experiences his second GMC assessment, a mock surgery, without Buddy; Penhale’s predecessor shows up and attempts to take charge of his... 46mins

Thursday, 4th Nov 9.00pm

Episode 3

Doc Martin's fear of blood continues to serve as an obstacle to earn others' respect for his medical career; Louisa focuses on her counselling career. 46mins

Thursday, 28th Oct 9.00pm