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Christy Dignam

Living With Lucy

Lucy Kennedy shares space, life and conversation with Christy Dignam, singer with the band Aslan, who has led the ultimate rock 'n' roll lifestyle.

Monday, 19th Jun 1.40am

Barry Keoghan

Lucy Kennedy spends time with actor Barry Keoghan at his home in Los Angeles, where he has an important conversation about a role for a major film. 46mins

Thursday, 19th Oct 2.15am

Deirdre O'Kane

Comic Deirdre O'Kane shares her Dublin home with Lucy Kennedy, where Lucy makes the most of Deirdre's expertise as an interior decorator. 44mins

Thursday, 19th Oct 2.10am

Nadine Coyle

Lucy Kennedy accompanies musician Nadine Coyle and her entourage over a weekend as they travel across Ireland and the United Kingdom for a tour. 44mins

Thursday, 19th Oct 2.05am

John Connors

Lucy Kennedy shares a few days in the life of actor, writer and director John Connors. 45mins

Thursday, 19th Oct 2.00am

Grainne Seoige

Host Lucy Kennedy meets celebrities inside their own homes to share open and candid conversations with them about their life and other topics. 46mins

Thursday, 19th Oct 1.55am